Hi UPDATE: thanks to those that let me know of the error.. the password for this week is 795aslan In order for candidate attorneys to access the free exam papers and answers, please “follow” this blog, its free. Once you have registered you will receive an email with your unique password to the page (http://lawblogsa.com/attorneys-admission-exams/) […]

I passed LML4804 first time.  That would be the honours Tax law module. I cannot even begin to describe how awesome this is, i thought that exam paper owned me!  I managed to pass. Now normally that would not be an achievement within itself, but for this module it most certainly is!! To give you […]

Hi i have reopened the blog after countless requests. I initially intended to close the blog permanently, however i feel a sense of responsibility to students who wish to take advantage of the blog for academic purposes. Some people have asked why i closed the blog.  The reason is two fold.  1:  This blog is […]

LAW OF SUCCESSION PAGE IS UP http://lawblogsa.com/law-of-succession/ tlg

The Oscar Pistoruis trial is now complete, tried, convicted and sentenced, BUT was justice served? Rumpff JA – in S v Zinn – “What has to be considered is the triad consisting of the crime, the offender and the interests of society” the triad in Zinn, read the case here if interested >> http://lawblogsa.com/criminal-law-specific-crimes/  first case. […]


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