Hi here is a small sample of what you can expect, there is alot more >>  Please like and share lawblogsa.com its a free resource ..  Thank you tlg

Those of you who are doing or have done this module will understand me when i say that in the beginning there is total confusion, followed shortly thereafter by panic …. Lol!  I have been asked many times and have sent out numerous emails with pictures to show what it should look like and how […]

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is available to those students who qualify for university study but do not have the financial resources to study. However, before getting any financial aid one must apply for aid and be accepted into the scheme.  The closing date for all applications for the 2015 year was 30 […]

i have never understood why people answer a question with a question…. eg:   Q: hi guys can i please ask one of you to upload the gfy studyguide?   A: are you studying gfy? wtf? seriously!  NO im not studying gfy i just want to waste your time and mine and my data and […]

I passed LML4804 first time.  That would be the honours Tax law module. I cannot even begin to describe how awesome this is, i thought that exam paper owned me!  I managed to pass. Now normally that would not be an achievement within itself, but for this module it most certainly is!! To give you […]


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