Its that time of the year again where we eagerly await our results, hoping for distinctions or passes, or whatever other mark you may be waiting for> Rest assured you are not alone in becoming impatient or irate.

There a few ways to access your results >> one: follow the link >> https://my.unisa.ac.za/unisa-findtool/default.do?sharedTool=unisa.results&SYSTEM=OMU

two: sms 083 1234 for the mtn vrs to get you results

or three login into your Myunisa email to get the results.

Rumour has is the results will start to filter through from this week and then really come down from the first week of december.

please feel free to ask questions pertaining to exams or marking, ive been there, done and got more than the t shirt! :) goodluck*


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  1. The work done by you is really awesome. I ‘m waiting to read more.

    1. thanks! ill keep updating as the year progresses

  2. l have not received my degree transcript for Honours B ed in EDUCATION MANAGEMENT. My student number is 07322879. why?

    1. ask unisa???

cmon reply, it is more fun if you contribute :D

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